5 stars for “Nomad’s Premonition” by Georges Benay–a fast paced mystery, thriller.

The Nomads Premonition by Georges Benay, is a fast-paced mystery thriller, centered around the world of international banking and trading. When I checked the authors bio, I discovered he is an author from Toronto, Canada, who has spent much of his working life in the field of International Banking.

I enjoyed the book immensely. The plot is exciting and fast paced, but I also learned interesting things about Turkey and Istanbul and the Cappadocia region. (I was so intrigued that I looked some of the places up online to check for veracity.) I appreciated his insight into the way the old world and the new generations live and thrive in unison.

The main protagonist, Eric Martin, is wonderfully flawed, and yet admirably tenacious. Some of the scenes in this book are frightening and brutal. Martin is not portrayed as a super hero who can deflect bullets and escape at every turn. He is very human. He gets hurt, he gets beaten senseless, he has scraped knuckles, cuts and bruises. He fights to get back up and heal, and then he is on the trail of his enemies again.

Other scenes are hilarious—I laughed out loud when he stole a truck and chased the bad guys down the road and through a street market. The scene was so descriptive, I could virtually see things flying and people fleeing.

Every time I though he couldn’t survive, something unexpected would intervene. The ending wasn’t typical, but it was satisfactory.

I have discovered that Benay has written a book prior to Nomads Premonition—I have already decided to read it.

I highly recommend this exciting read.

The Nomad’s Premonition can be purchased at Amazon.com by clicking here

5 stars for “The Sheriff’s Woman” by Jackie Weger. I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice!

I don’t remember how I came across this book. It is the first one that I have read by Jackie Weger. The cover attracted me—and the blurb reached out to me as if to say “This is your kind of book”—and OMG, it definitely was!! I LOVED it. I also liked the “A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR” at the end of the story—I have never read a “Bio” quite like it before. It was so honest, self-depreciating, and humorous—I thought to myself, this is a woman after my own heart!

The Sheriff’s Woman is a story of second chances. Rachel Cameron has been dealt a difficult hand. Her husband committed suicide while incarcerated in the county jail for theft. He left her and their three children (Peter, Caroline, and Sara) to deal with the fallout. Rachel flounders in grief, guilt, and anger. When gossips start talking in the small town of Hickory Grove, she packs up her kids and moves to her family’s dilapidated old homestead. They leave behind the normal amenities that they had enjoyed—like TV-, but she wants to protect them from the painful talk.

She needs to blame someone for Clive Cameron’s death. Sheriff Garrett Stark had imprisoned him and left him in his cell when he declined to join the other prisoners while they ate, so Stark became her target.

While Garrett Stark knows he isn’t responsible for Clive’s death, he is concerned about Rachel and her family’s welfare. He reaches out to help her, but Rachel holds fast to her resentment and anger. Garrett feels more than concern for Rachel, but she fights him at every turn.

Jackie Weger weaves a delightful tale of love, pain, anger, humor and a town that stands up for its own. Throw in a son who knows he is too young to be “the man of the house,” a daughter who is a snit, a kitten, some feral dogs and a couple of polar-opposite mother-in-laws; for me, it was a winner. I enjoyed it so much that I did something I seldom ever do—I read this book twice.

I had no idea who Jackie Weger was, until I decided to see if she had more books to her credit. I was amazed to see how many—and impressed by all the positive reviews. I purchased two more that appealed to me, and I am looking forward to reading them. I am delighted to have discovered her work.

I highly recommend The Sheriff’s Woman and Jackie Weger’s writing.

The Sheriff’s Woman can be purchased at Amazon.com by clicking here

5 stars for “Living A Lie” by Sheryl Lee, a brilliantly written book of fiction that centers around a difficult social issue.

Living A Lie, was a heart-wrenching book to read. Immediately, I thought of how frightening it would be to wake up and realize that you don’t know who you are or anything about your life or the people who claim to be your family and friends.  Andrew Russell was a wonderful, supportive husband, who did everything he could to help Alicia when it happened to her.

When Alicia’s memories eventually returned—except those for one day—I immediately began to wonder what was so crucial about that missing day.

There were hints, but a reader had to understand what they could mean in real life to sort them out. I am thankful that I have no personal experience with the trauma that led to Alicia Russell’s amnesia, but I know enough about it to understand how devastating it is, and how it impacts the victim’s entire life unless they can confront what happened and deal with it. Even with counseling, the path to a healthy, normal life is much longer and more difficult than the author would have had time to explore in this book.  And very often, the victim does not have a strong support system to back them up.

Sheryl Lee did a brilliant job of portraying all of the characters in this work of fiction, and I was pleased to see that she gave Alicia the fortitude to pursue the issue to justice. Under the circumstances, it wouldn’t have been an easy thing to do in real life.

Sadly, this social issue is not uncommon. And often, the perpetrators are the last people that families or communities would expect to be involved in this sort of crime.

There are many true-to-life reactions and responses threaded into “Living A Lie.” I believe it would be a helpful book for anyone to read; doing so could open their eyes and minds to the telltale signs of abuse-whether they have experienced it or know someone who is reaching out for help. I highly recommend this book.

Living A Lie can be purchased on Amazon.com by clicking here.



The fact is, I read many genres, and particularly enjoy murder/ mysteries.  I devour books by Tami Hoag, Nora Roberts aka. J.D. Rob, John Grisham, James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Ken Follett; but my mind doesn’t quite work like theirs—at least not yet.

I am a romantic at heart and I love happy endings, so I’ve started my writing career by writing romance; a thread that resonates within me. I am totally fascinated by human relationships and I instinctively notice how people interact.  I’m curious about what makes some relationships work and what makes some relationships fail.

As a person, I have deliberately cultivated open-mindedness.  I truly believe we all have our own individual life path to follow and I cannot walk in anyone else’s steps, so who am I to judge them or criticize their choices and actions.

Life experience and common sense have taught me that the idea of a fairy tale romantic relationship is just an unrealistic fantasy.  After the initial burst of heart pounding lust and romantic dreaming, real life has to set in. Long term relationships don’t just happen; they take a lot of care and attention along the way. I believe all relationships have an ebb and flow—maybe even a few bouts of stormy weather that can seriously threaten the relation”ship”.

Speaking from my own experience, it is very comforting and satisfying to look back and know that my husband and I have ridden out the storms (to be honest some of them were hurricanes) and now we are sailing smoothly into a vibrant, beautiful sunset.  (Hey—don’t get me wrong—we still have small tempests; after all we are human and we are both still very much alive. But the big storms should be behind us. Cross our fingers!)

There is so much stress, pain and hopelessness in our world today, if my writing can bring even a few people pleasure and a time of happy escape, it will make my work worthwhile.

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Why Do I Write?

I write because I love too.  Fame has never been my aim.  I just love to have people read what I write and enjoy it.  That said, since I self-published, I hope to realize enough monetary gain to let me live and carry on doing what I love to do–and I would enjoy a comfortable lifestyle!!
I have always loved words.  They are so powerful and versatile. The same words take on a different meaning, depending on the context they are set in and the tone in which they are spoken.

Wonderful “pictures” can be painted with them, but the pictures are individual to each reader because it is their response to them that creates their version of the painting.

Writing essays was my favorite exercise at school, and I published my first article about fashion in the Western Producer when I was 14 years old.  I received something like $2.15 for it, and I was thrilled.

My books are available on all Amazon sites in ebook and paperback formats. ( Amazon.com ) Check them out at http://gloriaantypowichauthor.com