4 stars to “Resurrection of The Scrolls” by Michael Fattorosi


Resurrection of the Scrolls  by Michael Fattorosi is written in the ilk of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code: A Novel (Robert Langdon)  or Matthew Peters lesser known, The Brothers’ Keepers: A Nicholas Branson Novel. All three authors wove mystery, murder and hidden secrets that could change the Christian world into their works.

However, Michael Fattorosi’s book is different in that the author wove recorded historical facts and dates discovered through research into his own family’s genealogy into the element of fiction and created a remarkably interesting book. I really enjoy this kind of book and look forward to future books by this author.

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5 stars for The Steel Canyon Legacy (Book II) by Wanda Pyle

I was very attracted to the cover of this book. Also, I had read The Stone House Legacy (The Legacy Trilogy Book 1) and was enthralled by Pyle’s writing.  I immediately bought The Steel Canyon Legacy, (The Legacy Trilogy Book 2) even though I knew it would be a while before it rose to the top of my TBR list on my Kindle. I read it last week and found it to be riveting.

I was sad to discover that her husband, Simon, had died and that Tessa Kingsley found herself in a challenging situation. She was a woman who had lived a rather sheltered existence as a pastor’s wife, even though she had stood beside him as he fought for Civil Rights and shared the frightening backlash from members of the community and the church he served when they took umbrage with his stance on social rights.  Her employment skills are minimal because she has been out of the workforce for so long, and she faces the financial repercussions of Simon’s dreams, and the responsibility of providing for her two young sons, her aging mother and a stepbrother who attracts trouble like a magnet.

But Tessa Kinsley draws on her inner strength and does what needs to be done. She finds employment and works hard. Eventually, she discovers that the job she needs so badly comes with strings attached. When she refuses to fall in line, she quickly finds herself unemployed, and once again she has to dig deep and be resourceful.

Tessa is an attractive woman, and she catches the attention of a man who is truly smitten with her. His charming ways draw her, and she enjoys the comfort that he offers her. But he is involved with activities that eventually destroy her trust. To protect her family, she has to make painful decisions. She is forced to draw on her inner strength again.

Once again Pyle does a masterful job of weaving history into a unique fictional plot. I look forward to reading the next book in the Legacy Series. I want to know where life takes this strong, resilient woman and her family.

I have become a fan of Wanda Pyle’s work. I see she has another book that is not part of this series but weaves history into a generational tale of strong women who put aside their personal dreams to support and nurture others. It is titled, Wind Borne and I have purchased it and look forward to reading it when it makes its way to the top of my Kindle TBR list.

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5 Stars to “LOVE TO BELIEVE” by Lisa Ricard Claro. I LOVED this book.

I read book one in this series (Love Built To Last) and I loved it. I was full of anticipation when Love To Believe came to the top of my Kindle TBR list and the book did not disappoint me.

I love a series that carries family members and friends from book to book, yet you can read each one as stand alone, and while they weren’t the main characters it was wonderful to connect with Caleb and  Maddie and the rest of the family from Book One

CPA Rebecca Walker is talented and capable. She has temporarily taken over managing her father’s construction business and is doing a terrific job, but her dad is old-fashioned and very conservative, and he only sees her as a woman instead of the strong capable person she is. In his mind, it is too dangerous for his daughter to be working on site in a “mans world”. He’d be happy if she worked in the office, but no matter how hard she works to prove she can handle the job, he refuses to recognize her outstanding accomplishments in the field.

Sean Kinkaid is a lawyer. He is also charming, handsome, reliable and hot. But he has a secret that prevents him from getting serious about relationships. He knows he will never get married and have a family.

Rebecca has secrets too. She doesn’t have time or the inclination to get involved in a relationship, but she thinks Sean and she could have a perfect “friends with benefits” relationship. No emotional ties, just companionship and great sex.

But the best laid plans have flaws!

I love Lisa Ricard Claro’s writing style. Witty dialogue, flawed, believable characters who are so real you feel you know them and a plot that keeps you glued to the pages.

I will be reading Book Three and am confident that I will be very entertained!

I highly recommend this author’s work.

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4 stars to The Nuremberg Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan–4.5 if I could do that. The ending shocked me!

I have read all of the Laurence O’Bryan “Puzzle” books. I love the way this author weaves factual history into current fictional situations in such a way that, while I’m reading, the lines seem to blur as to how much of the fiction is actually creative writing because it seems so real.

O’Bryan’s research is impeccable, and when he writes his descriptive skills put me right in the middle of a world I have no personal knowledge about. Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp Ryan are reoccurring characters in the Puzzles.

The Nuremberg Puzzle takes the reader directly into an uneasy world where a backlash over an overwhelming influx of refugees has caused social problems and an anti-refugee sentiment has reached a boiling point. People who are immigrants of certain ethnic origins are being targeted, first with signs that mark their residences and then, as with the case of two of Sean Ryan’s friends, abduction and savage murder.

Chapter One introduces the reader to a test facility where cutting edge of 21st century cellular level medicine has been developed to target genetically modified organisms to specific gene-based subgroups.  Doctor Brandt has achieved it and from that day on Europe could be inoculated against the flood of refugees infesting every city and town and village.  Mother nature, with his gentle nudging, would do the clean-up work. And this time the solution would be final.

Chapter 2 introduces Sean to the ugliness that is growing amongst the people who are targeting immigrants and refugees and the re-emergence of a neo-Nazi mentality.

Chapter 3 takes the reader is taken into the records examination room at the Military Archives centre in Freiburg. An African woman is going through the files in the long box in front of her. There were over two thousand yellowing Nazi party membership cards in the box. She’d looked through most of them. They were stored alphabetically, not one out of place. So far, she had found only two with the word Priester, priest in German, on them, where occupation was mentioned. Xena is intent on uncovering the secrets that will prove the treachery that resulted in the Holocaust.

In chapter 5, Isabel is in England with their son Alek, where she works with InfoFreed. (I wondered if InfoFreed was a fictional version of WikiLeaks.) On this occasion, she is meeting with a frail elderly man, Fred Corbett. He gives her information about her grandfather who had been involved in the Nuremberg trials decades earlier. Major James Sharpe had committed suicide when Isabel’s father was very young, and she knew nothing about him otherwise. The information that Isabelle is given opens the door to an old conspiracy that she cannot ignore.

The main players are in place for this fast paced, thriller.  Conspiracy of an epic proportion that is intended to change the future, murder, mystery, dark secrets that could rewrite history and the love and devotion of Isabel and Sean as they come together to fight the odds together.

I confess, I was shocked by the way Nuremberg Puzzle ended. But I am certain that O’Bryan will find a way to restore the seemingly broken thread in the next the Puzzle. I’ll be waiting to read the Cairo Puzzle!

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5 stars for Rise Above The Truth by Rebecca Thein

Events of the past do have consequences.

Curt grew up in a shattered family. His addicted father deserted his family when the children were very young. His stepfather abused his sister and his brother, as well as Curt. His mother didn’t defend her children; instead she believed their abuser when he insisted that they were making up lies about him.

Curt felt it was his responsibility to protect and defend his siblings, and he did it to the best of his ability. Later in life, Curt often thought about how people could take their life circumstances and either use them to be positive role models, or as in his brother George’s case, destroy themselves and hurt the people who love them the most. His sister, Sharron, had gotten counseling and the help she needed to build a happy life for herself and her family. Curt hard worked hard and went on to become a lawyer and he made it his mission to protect the innocent and abused in society.

Misty’s was an only child. Her mother, Gladys, was a single parent who had loved her daughter with all her being.  Yet Misty always felt as though part of herself was missing.

Curt had fallen in love with Misty the moment he met her when she was seventeen. He is several years older, and has felt he could never express his feelings. He has become her friend and mentor and Misty has come to lean on him, finding strength and comfort in his support. Gradually friendship begins to blossom into more.

But, they both have secrets. Misty is afraid that Curt will think less of her if she shares hers. On the other hand, Curt has taken an oath, and he was guarding a secret that will turn Missy’s world upside down. The knowledge of it eats away at him. He knows he has to tell Misty, but will she ever be able to trust him, once she knows what he has kept from her?  Will she be able to forgive him? Will she still love him?

I’ll be honest, at first, I didn’t find myself fully engaged with these characters. But as the plot developed, I became totally involved. When Curt revealed his secret, the story completely shifted for me.  I couldn’t put the book down!

Don’t miss a very thought provoking read.

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