Book reviews for Horns and Hair of the High Country

Dean McGeough, Professional Forester, Sooke, BC

“Horns and Hair of the High Country” by Lloyd Antypowich

This book was hard to down. Actually, once I started to read about each one of the animals, (e.g., Ronnie the Elk or Ferber the Grizzly), I could not stop until the story was finished. Each story about the animal is so realistic and captivating. I recently was in Jasper and observed an elk herd wandering and apparently content – free from the predator struggles in the wild – and reminisced of Ronnie as I admired the large bull.

Lloyd creatively captures the life struggles that animals in the wild may face from birth to death. I also learned a great deal about the animals and their habits – things I too have observed in my hiking and hunting adventures. Several times this book brought me back to reminisce of my own wildlife encounters. It also encourages one to be respectful of the wildlife we share this world with.

Thank you Lloyd, for writing this book. It encourages readers to be respectful of the wildlife and their habitat when venturing out to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Dean McGeough is a professional forester who lives in Sooke, BC with his wife Roxane. Dean often travels around the province of BC working and/or exploring the forests, and also going on family camping and hunting travels.

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