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Review Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite


The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1): Book One of The Belanger Creek Ranch Series by Gloria Antypowich is a romance novel set in the modern world. Frank Lamonte is a veterinarian whose life seems to be spiraling downward as she struggles with depression after a broken engagement of 5 years. Her manager understands that she is going through a rough patch and advises her to take a leave of absence and have a break. That is how Frank finds herself on Belanger Creek Ranch as a ranch hand. Colt Thompson is the owner of the ranch and is wary of all women and love after a bitter divorce and his ex-wife’s cheating. Colt and Frank meet and, despite their attraction toward each other, it is a bumpy ride as they get to know each other and deal with their painful pasts.

The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1): Book One of The Belanger Creek Ranch Series by Gloria Antypowich is an intense, realistic love story that is not the usual boy-meet-girl type. I loved reading about life on the ranch and the outdoors lifestyle that goes with it. I also found Frank’s character to be superbly portrayed, and hopefully a book like this will open up the discussion about mental health and mental illnesses and how devastating they can be. I actually liked both of the central protagonists and found myself rooting for them. A great new novel in the romance genre and a fun read!


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Review Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite5star-shiny-web

In The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1) by Gloria Antypowich, following the advice and insistence of her boss, Frank left her home and job to find herself again. She needed time to heal from the effects of her father’s near fatal accident and especially to get away from the mess that was her personal life. She needed something new and different; and what better way to do this than by signing up to be a ranch hand? She soon settled into the exciting routine of the new job, the comforting friendship with the ranch manager, and the serene ranch environment. When the ranch owner finally showed up, he was not at all what Frank expected; not only was he handsome beyond words, he was also the very rude stranger she had had a couple of nasty run-ins with. What started out as a very unpleasant introduction soon turned into the most memorable 24 hours for both, but soon reality struck. Frank’s wounds from the past were now nearly healed, but Colt had deep scars from his marriage and he was willing to take the coward’s way out and settle for a loveless marriage instead of risking his heart again.

The Second Time Around by Gloria Antypowich is an enthralling contemporary romance story with a captivating plot and fresh characters, set against the serene and enchanting background of a beautiful ranch. Gloria Antypowich’s incredible writing brought out the characters and their inner wars and wounds perfectly. Frank and Colt brought out a whole mixture of feelings in me; sometimes I wanted to give them each a hug and ease their pain, and at other times they were so infuriating I felt like smacking them on the head. Their story is a perfectly portrayed example of how fear of being hurt again can get in the way of true love. The Second Time Around is the beginning of what is going to be a compelling romance series. For all lovers of contemporary romance on the ranch, the Belanger Creek Ranch series is exactly what you have been looking for.


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Review Rating: 4 stars.

Reviewed By Tina Gibbons for Readers’ Favorite

In The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1) by Gloria Antypowich, veterinarian Frank Lamonte gets dumped by her long-time boyfriend and coworker for the receptionist. Her boss realizes she’s depressed and needs to get away from working with the pair every day in order to heal. He convinces Frank to take a leave of absence and work as a ranch hand at Belanger Creek Ranch. She meets Colt Thompson, the owner of Belanger Creek Ranch, and feels an instant attraction. Sparks fly between the two because of suspicions and misunderstandings. Colt has also been hurt by a cheating wife, and has vowed to never fall in love again. He thinks his current long-term arrangement of friends with benefits he shares with Shauna Lee Holt is best for him, and if he ever marries again, he’ll marry her.

Gloria Antypowich has created a world with vibrant characters in The Second Time Around. Frank – a very interesting name for a lead female character – can do anything a male ranch hand can do and better. She’s been hurt and she’s vulnerable, but she’s strong and independent at the same time. Her attraction to Colt sizzles and their chemistry is undeniable. They both make their share of bad decisions trying to find the right path. Painful moments brought tears to my eyes, and the stubborn streak in that cowboy, well, it’s what kept me reading. Shauna Lee is also a multidimensional character. I wanted to dislike her for being in Frank’s way, but I couldn’t. Part of the second book in the series was included. I look forward to reading that installment to continue Shauna Lee’s story and find out more about her.
Reviewers note to the author:…..It was a very good story.


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on June 10, 2015
I love a book full of emotion and The Second Time Around is such a book. One minute I was hopeful and the next I was near tears. Gloria Antypowich has written a winner!! Her characters are flawed and true to life. The story is complex with the right mix of action


on August 25, 2015

Ok I fell in love with this book by just the cover alone . As I started to read , I got sucked into the story of second chances and falling in love. Set on a cattle ranch in South Western Saskatchewan . Where two broken souls come together , with misunderstandings and broken hearts . They find each other but will they survive and find their way back to each other .

Lets just say this , this book will make you laugh and cry and then laugh some more . The characters are so well written and complex. She writes such strong female characters . They are independent and not conceited at all. Frank fits that ideal to a tee. She is strong independent but doesn’t realize what kind of reaction she has over the men in her life . She has this inner spark that can’t be blown out. She has had hardships and is suffering from depression from the tragedy . But she doesn’t wallow and heads out to a new adventure. As she works at the ranch she grows stronger and we see the true Frank come out . The strong woman, with a tender side . She knows when to go after what she wants and knows when to step back when things aren’t going right . Even though it might mean heart break again. She is a fighter and fighting she does . Colt is the man she fights with. This man is hot and sexy and quite the alpha man , but also has the sweet sensitive side. He is there to help his family when they need him . But he is also holding onto a bunch of hurt . He is tough but tender and will protect what is his . He is the type of guy you want in your corner and take home to your mom . But like most men he jumps to conclusions and has a temper and he admits when he is wrong .

The supporting cast of characters are so fun to read . I won’t go into details but Ollie is my all time favorite characters, he like the comic relief / father figure to both the main characters . You really feel for the position he is put in and you can see he really wants to knock some heads together.

I absolutely fell in love with this book , like I said she has based the story on a ranch in South Western Saskatchewan. In the Cypress hills near Maple Creek and Swift Current . She paints a great picture of what Saskatchewan is about . The story blends right into the area and flows so well . I started reading it in the morning and finished in a day . I couldn’t put it down . I loved the characters and the story . I actually shed some tears and laughed a lot while reading this book. As soon as I finished book one I started book two. I just had to know what happened . I also like that the author brought the characters back in book two. I like to know what happens to them as you read . But they don’t take away from what is happening in the rest of the books . I adore this set of books for so many reasons . But most of all that they are great books written with such a passion and a love . So if you want a sweet contemporary romance with a cowboy flair . This is the series for you . So check them out. Colt and Frank will sweep you off your feet

on August 24, 2015
Great contemporary romance
“The Second Chances Around”, by Gloria Antypowich is a great romance. Frank Lamonte, an attractive and good looking veterinarian, is having a hard time to overcome her failed romance with her co-worker Martin Cole. Her boss, Dr. Winters, noticing that Frank was depressed and how hard it is for her to continue working with her ex, recommended that she takes an extended leave of absence. At first Frank didn’t like the idea but at the end she agreed with him that it would be the best for her. Dr. Winters helps her to find another job in a ranch as a ranch-hand.
Things didn’t work perfectly between Frank and her new boss Colt Thompson at the beginning, but both made an effort and they came along well.
It wasn’t on Frank’s agenda to fall in love again, but she could not resist the handsome, Colt Thompson.
Colt has his own demons to put to rest and is not interested in any long term relationship.
Both Colt and Frank are strong characters and the story is centred on their complicate relationship.
There are some twists and turns that keep you hooked until the end.
on July 26, 2015

‘The Second Time Around’ by Gloria Antypowich is an engrossing romance. I found it to be generally well written and well plotted, affording the reader strong male and female characters to relate to.

The main female character is Frank Lamonte, who despite her typically male name is an auburn haired beauty with a temper to match. She has been a ‘farm girl’ almost from birth and that combined with her love for animals and degree in veterinary medicine make her a formidable persona.

Despite her strong exterior, as the story begins we learn that Frank is suffering from depression stemming from a failed romance with a colleague whom she met while attending university. Her kindly boss proposes a change of scene and recommends she take and extended leave of absence to get her head on straight.
He suggests Frank sign on as a hired hand for a large cattle ranch. Misgivings aside, Frank decides to take his advice, and nearly immediately is embroiled in a conflict with her new boss, Colt Thompson, the son of the owner of the ranch. Colt is another well described and strong character and the majority of the story revolves around their complex relationship and its sometimes surprising twists and turns.

The writing in this story seems to get stronger as the tale progresses; earlier chapters wander and have some tentative passages but Ms Antypowich finds her voice as the plot picks up pace and the tale finishes very strongly and with a most satisfactory conclusion.

I gave this story a rating of four stars, mostly due to the early plot construction which came across as somewhat pat as well as some of the early dialog issues. However as previously mentioned the latter half of this book becomes very exciting and the reader becomes captivated by the strong interpersonal dynamics of the main characters.

on July 22, 2015

It is refreshing to read a romance that not only satisfies the readers desire to read this genre, but also teaches an important life lesson.

‘The Second Time Around’ is the first book in the Belanger Creek Ranch series. Well-developed characters like veterinarian Frank Lamonte (Female), Dr. Jason Winters (DVM) and Colt Thompson (Owner of the Belanger Creek Ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada) to name a few, bring real life issues into normal life settings where the reader can relax and relate in one or more ways.

When courage comes before comfort to assist a friend, co-worker and employee to seek the help needed for a depressional episode, the main character can not only find help, relief, time and the environment to promote healing, she can overcome the root cause of her depression and help a man that comes into her life to live and love again.

Realistic, warm, touching and romantic with writing that draws the reader into the story. Author Gloria Antypwich brings her own experiences, environment and fascination with human nature to the table in her creative process.

In my reviews I always quote at least one passage to show the writer’s style and intent I am very careful not to spoil the story for you the reader. I quote from page 62.

“The Thunder Breeding Hills, she mused as she fanned herself with her hat, appreciating the movement of air as it wafted across her face. Native people had called the Cypress Hills that, because they thought they were the home and breeding ground of the storms. She lifted her face to the sky. The night was going to be spectacular. It was a good thing she wasn’t afraid of thunder and lightning, or being by herself.

When she stepped out of the tub an hour later, a loud clap of thunder shattered the night. Within seconds, rain sluiced down in a torrent. Frank dried off, wrapped a fresh towel sarong-fashion around her body, and then stepped back into the bedroom. Shaking her hair loose around her shoulders, she went to stand at the window. She smiled as she watched the welcome drops bounce on the cement walk below. Their pounding rhythm on the roof was almost exciting, and she was stirred by the sound of it as she ran her fingers through her heavy, damp hair. She turned to pick up the electric hair dryer and a styling brush and worked her hair until it floated around her shoulders like a soft, fragrant cloak. Fiery lights glinted off it like sparks borrowed from the lightning that pierced the evening sky.”

Cold Coffee Press Endorses ‘The Second Time Around’ (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1) by Gloria Antypowich as a Contemporary Adult Romance inspired by her husband (they are both retired) who is the love of her life. This book was reviewed from a Kindle/PDF version. The review was completed on July 22, 2015. For more information please visit Cold Coffee Press.

on July 20, 2015

Second Time around is the perfect name for this book and I really enjoyed the story.

Both the h and H had back luck at love and no wonder they both fought it so hard even tho they were clearly perfect for each other.

Colt was stubborn and very stupid at times and I wanted to hit him when he got engaged to his friend with benefits and announced it at a party Frank attended yet expected her to stay. Huh?!?

Frank (very odd name for a woman although it’s explained why she’s named that in the story) was a hard worker who was also a vet and I was definitely rooting for her.

I’m glad they got their HEA.

on July 17, 2015
I really enjoyed reading Second Time Around. Straight romance is not a genre I often read, so I was surprised by how drawn in to the story I became. Gloria skillfully built up the tension between Frank and Colt, and while most female protagonists have me scratching my head as to why they don’t just go already to the hunky male lead, Frank’s reasons actually made sense to me. At times the dialogue was wordy and a bit repetitious with the character’s thoughts, but the story and characters themselves were intriguing enough to look past it. Gloria has a gift for engaging the reader, making it easy to keep reading. If you’re into romance, especially romance with a more rustic feel, I recommend checking out Second Time Around. This is certainly the start of a great series.
on July 12, 2015

Female veterinarian Frank Lamonte is going through a series of depressing bouts in her life in Stettler, Canada. Martin Cole, her co-worker, fellow veterinarian, and former fiance works at the same clinic and has dumped her to take up with the office secretary. Additionally, her father is recovering from a medical condition in Arizona and was forced to sell the family ranch Frank grew up on.

Following the suggestion of her boss, Dr. Winters, to take a prolonged leave of absence from the clinic, Frank hires on a Belanger Creek Ranch in Saskatchewan under the supervision of Ollie Crampton, a seasoned ranch manager. The ranch is owned by Colt Thompson, an absent owner who is good looking, but who has an irritable disposition at times–having been burned in a prior love relationship. As soon as the main characters meet, the sparks fly and misunderstandings occur.

Gloria Antypowich writes in an engaging clear style and describes both the characters and settings realistically and vividly so that the reader is pulled into the story and plot from the first chapter. This is a charming (contemporary) western romance that’s enjoyable, easy to read, and includes a little spice to make it nice. The added bonus of “Second Time Around,” is that this is the first book in the Belanger Creek Ranch series and there are more stories awaiting the reader.

on June 24, 2015

A well-written contemporary romance, set on a ranch. The heroine is a veterinarian, escaping from some trouble in her past; the ranch she chooses to escape to is where she meets our hero.

Much combative dialogue reveals two engaging characters, both strong and weak at varying times, and with character flaws that make you want to bang their heads together. Add a well-written side-character and the outdoors interest of the ranch itself; what you get is a great escapist holiday book.

It’s the start of a series, so if you like this one, there’s more to follow.

Disclosure: I was given a review copy

on June 23, 2015
A western story that is both contemporary and adult. An ideal book to read in the garden on a sunny afternoon, or by the fireside on a winter’s night. The two main characters, Frank Lamonte and Colt Thompson are strong, believable and have troubled pasts. Troubles with the opposite sex that is! A well written, well observed spicy romance. Highly enjoyable.
on June 22, 2015

What an absolutely charming read. As my name states, I’m very picky about what I read. I start books and if they don’t grab me within moments, I shut them. I started this book and was amazed to find myself drawn in almost without even realizing. And the key was dialogue. This author writes dialogue like nobody’s business. The exchanges are crisp, each voice distinct, and–most importantly–it sounds authentic.

Speaking of which, this author also knows her way around a rodeo/ranch/farm. The rustic setting (rustic to this city gal, anyway) was perfectly drawn, the details rendered without bogging me down with vocab I didn’t understand, and woven in seamlessly.

Character-wise, it took me a bit to warm up to our hero, Colt, as he was a little too touchy with our heroine right off the bat, but our heroine, Frank (yes, that’s her name; a detail used to great effect) can more than handle herself. I loved her. She was brash and smart and more than willing to put the menfolk around her in their place.

Overall, the story unfolded sweetly, lovingly detailed, and overall just a charming book. Highly recommend for readers who want something easy to read, but smart, and sweet but not too modest.

on June 20, 2015
AND AGAIN Gloria Antypowich delivers an amazing story!! A fast moving story, that is most definitely a page turner! Once you pick up this book, you can not put it down until you are done. I promise the story will leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Well done Gloria, as always!!!!
on June 18, 2015
The Second Time Around is one in a series of western romance novels by Gloria Antypowich who demonstrates a good knowledge human nature in this take of a woman who has suffered three devastating losses in a short period, something most of us have also experienced. Her central character is a feisty, ex-tom-boy named Frank, who is a vet and, having gown up on a ranch, a pretty good horsewoman and stable hand. She meets a guy whose opinion of woman is pretty low and she straightens him out right smartly. My main interest was in how she handled Frank’s depression and although, she does not belabor the issue, Frank’s attitudes and behaviors reflect the condition well. Ms Antypowich also writes cleanly and clearly and the story develops smoothly.
on June 17, 2015
I took this book on holiday with me and read through it quite quickly. Ok, let’s face it I couldn’t put it down. Lovely characters, filled with hope always. Thank you Gloria!
on June 15, 2015

I don’t usually write book reviews but really felt I needed to take the time to do one for this book. I read it quite quickly and stayed up into the wee hours to see what would happen next…

First off, I love this book and can’t wait to read more from the Belanger Creek Ranch series… I really love stories with strong independent women and the character Frank Lamonte fit the bill to a tee. She, yes I said she, is bright and gutsy and while she is obviously attractive to the male population, she never comes across as conceited, but more as a wholesome country girl. However, bear in mind that even though I used the word ‘wholesome’ never fear, this book is not lacking in the spice department, but the author still knows how to titillate the reader without going over the top, so don’t expect full on erotica, which was a nice change for me from most of the romance books on the market.

In the book, Frank suffers from depression brought on by some challenges she has had to face, but rather than wallowing in self-pity she decides to listen to her boss, who senses she is suffering and a big change is needed . I appreciate that the author touched on the subject of mental illness, as it is so prevalent nowadays and we all need to be able to talk about it just like any other illness without feeling as if it is something we should be able to snap out of, or be ashamed of having.

I also loved the chemistry between Frank Lamonte and Colt Thompson. While it wasn’t quite love at first sight (without giving too much away) it was really sweet how the relationship unfolded slowly but surely even though due to past hurts on both their parts, they were both guarding their hearts.

I also liked the character Shauna Lee even though initially I didn’t because she came across as being a bit shallow as Colt’s ‘friend with benefits’ but I am looking forward to learning more about her in the second book,. as I am pretty sure there is a reason why she is also guarding her heart and I can’t wait to find out more about her in book two . I also really liked the character Patch, Colt’s trusted friend and hired hand who becomes her staunchest supporter and really develops a deep caring for Frank while she is working on the ranch.

It was also nice to see a book cover that you wouldn’t be ashamed to let your young children see you reading, unlike some of the full frontal nudity that leaves very little to the imagination.

I plan on buying book two Full Circle and will post a review on that one soon

on June 4, 2015
Loved It! Author Antypowich pulled me in gently and before I knew it, finished the book in 3 hours. Just a delightful, wonderful afternoon read! The two main character fought their feelings for each other like they were fighting the plague. Lots of tugs, tension and pulls. I like a book with good descriptions and this author did that for me. I love the author’s writing style…and well…hummm…will have to read her others now… Well done!
The novel is a great blend of a modern western romance and contemporary women’s fiction, tackling clinical depression, a topical issue in modern society, within the context of a classic romance. As the first novel in a series, it has the necessary ingredients to inspire readers to read on.
The author creates warm, down to earth characters that stay in the reader’s mind. I couldn’t help but root for the main character, Frank Lamonte. She’s conflicted but gutsy. I felt her pain and wanted her to sort out her problems and find happiness. The author also perceptively draws Colt Thompson, the other half of the romance tale, so that readers understand his side of the story too. I found the characters realistic and appealing. I especially liked one of the secondary characters, the ranch manager, Ollie, and I was sure he was someone I knew. He just had that familiar feel to him.
The setting is an important backdrop to the plot and the author is skilful at convincingly portraying life on a modern ranch without unnecessary detail. The reader sees and understands the beauty and significance of the place where the majority of the story is set.
In the midst of this classic western romance, the author explores Frank’s clinical depression in a sensitive manner without undermining the romantic tension that is the central theme of the story.
I found this novel an entertaining and ultimately ‘feel good’ book and look forward to discovering where the rest of the series will lead.
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on December 21, 2015
I started reading this series backwards, but I was so enthralled by book 4 that I just knew I had to read the entire series.
The Second Time Around is the first book in the Belanger Creek Range series. I read this book in one sitting. It drew me right in and held me there until the wee hours.
Frank Lamonte is a vet who had a few emotional shocks, including a broken engagement, in a relatively short amount of time.
Colt Thompson is determined to keep women at arm’s length after he divorces a cheating wife.
Colt and Frank meet and sparks start flying, but Colt is convinced that Frank is just another liar just like his ex-wife. Hmm, will Colt and Frank set aside their hurt and fears and take a leap of faith, or will they run the other way? I found myself rooting for both of them.
Gloria Antypowich is a talented author. She has created characters that feel real and the reader can relate to them. I’ll buy the next book in the series now.
VINE VOICEon November 23, 2015
The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1)
Gloria Antypowich
The Second Time Around is the first book in the Belanger Creek Range series; if the following books are even half as good as this one the series is sure to be a success. The Second Time Around quickly drew me in and held me captive until the very last page. Let’s meet the main characters. First there is Dr. Frank Lamonte, DVM. Frank is very depressed; recently she has had several emotional blows the latest and hardest hitting being a broken engagement. Second let’s meet Colt Thompson. He recently divorced his wife who had cheated on him. He is determined to protect himself from women. He will not allow his heart to be broken again. He a acrimonious and sarcastic man. Ok I’ve set the stage. We have two damaged but very hot adults.
Frank’s boss insists she leave town. He is concerned for her and tells her to leave town until she gets her head on straight again. He wants her to take time and heal her weakened emotions. He feels she needs to go where there will not be constant reminders. Determined to heal quickly Frank heads to Belanger Creek Ranch. When she meets the owner the sparks begin to fly. Now Colt enters the picture; he is the owner of the Belanger Creek Ranch. One look at Frank and his emotions begin to sizzle. He’s determined not to like her; he is sure she is a cheating liar just like his ex. He is so determined to protect his heart that he is tempted to marry Shauna Lee Holt his friend in and out of the bedroom.

The Second Time Around is an entertaining and fun book to read. I didn’t want to put it down and didn’t want it to end. I had to laugh at Frank and Colt of course they are going to get together but who would make the first move. Or at least we hope they get together will either of them take a chance on the other. Take a strong independent woman and add a strong and sensitive man and you get The Second Time Around.

on October 31, 2015
Frank is a depressed veterinarian who arrives at Belanger Creek Ranch in order to escape from her past for a while. With a broken heart as the result of an engagement that ended being a failure, she leaves town for a while in order to get better and distracted. But her plans change when she meets the owner of the ranch, Colt Thompson.
Colt used to be a good man, but after being cheated by his wife, he became bitter and annoying in many ways and decided not to let himself be vulnerable again, which meant he would neve open up his heart again. Of course, his plans change too, when he meets Frank. Although he tries to build a bad image out of her, attraction is inevitable.
As I love stories about strong, independent women, and therefore, I loved this story. Although Frank is portrayed as a depressed and sad woman at the beginning, she takes the reins of her life and decides to find a solution.
I recommend this novel for those who like reading romantic stories, but take into account this is not just like every love story!
on October 29, 2015
I don’t read a lot of romance stories, but the author did a great job in making this so much more, I also loved the second chance theme and the way both the main characters in the book, Frank and Colt have moments of hate and love just like the rest of us. The writing style is very reader friendly and will have readers clinging to the book as they quickly turn page after page and find themselves immersed in a well written, compelling story. The author did a great job also with the feel and locations in this novel. well done.
on October 29, 2015

“The Second Time Around” (book one in the ‘Belanger Creek Ranch’ series) by Gloria Antypowich is an engaging romantic western read set at the picturesque Belanger Creek Ranch. The story revolves around Frank Lamonte, a veterinarian with depression issues, and Colt Thompson, a jaded cowboy who wants nothing to do with love anymore. Both characters have been spurned in the romance department and are determined to not let their hearts be broken again. But as with real life, things never go as we plan. When Frank and Colt meet, they both experience an unwanted but undeniable attraction. Can a second chance at love be in store for these two or will heartbreak come again?

I thought the aptly titled “The Second Time Around” was an entertaining read. Antypowich does a good job setting up the characters and storyline. I felt that both Frank and (especially) Colt were justified in their thoughts about romance and love after what they experienced. I would recommend to fans of romance, western and women’s literature genres.

on October 25, 2015
Frank loves being a vet, but she doesn’t love working alongside the man she thought she wanted to spend her life with, while he is fawning all over someone new right in front of her face. She is a very capable woman, but there is only so much she can take. At the insistence of her boss, she takes a leave of absence to take her mind off of things, and hopefully work through her depression. This leads her to become a ranch hand on a small ranch far from home, where she meets an interesting man that infuriates her as soon as she meets him. This of course changes after a while, and the story takes a different turn. The tale that unfolds between the two of them is predictable and sweet. If you are a sucker for romantic stories and happy endings, read this one as soon as you can.
on October 21, 2015
For those of us, who have loved and lost, who have closed their hearts off to the possibility of new love so that we not are hurt again, this book is for you. If you long for a nice romance story that seems real and not far fetched, then this book is for you. The quirky choice of name for your main character here (frank as a girls name?) was a bit distracting but in the end not terribly so.
Frank and Colt are two people who have been through the “happily ever after” and are not looking for that hurt again so when their feelings for each other collide they are too bull headed to see how good they would be for each other in the long run. Since this is a romance it has a happy ending, although there is a little surprise (or two) thrown in there and it doesn’t feel like its just one more romance. I was able to emphasize with both characters, although I wanted to shake them out of their stubbornness on more than one occasion.
It was a fast and nice feel good book for me.
on October 14, 2015
One thing I liked in this books was that the characters improved and developed during the story. The female characters are strong and independent Frank fits that ideal to a tee. She is strong independent but doesn’t realize what kind of reaction she has over the men in her life . She has this inner spark that can’t be blown out. She has had hardships and is suffering from depression from the tragedy . But she doesn’t wallow and heads out to a new adventure. As she works at the ranch she grows stronger and we see the true Frank come out . The strong woman, with a tender side. She knows when to go after what she wants and knows when to step back when things aren’t going right . Even though it might mean heart break again.
Colt is hot and sexy and quite the alpha man , but also has the sweet sensitive side and was once hurt by a woman so he has some prejudices related to Frank but it’s just great to see her putting him in his place.
It’s good to read a romance that teaches an important life lesson.


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