Book Reviews for From Mocassins to Cowboy Boots, I Followed My Dream

Harvey Tedford, Past President of the Canadian Limousin Association, rancher, horseman

 “Lloyd’s book should be recommended reading for all young people today . . . This is what it’s like to be a pioneer and inherit the spirit of the pioneers . . . he (Lloyd) is truly an innovative and courageous person who will tackle anything life throws his way. Thousands have dreams, but Lloyd lived his to make it a reality.”
—Harvey Tedford

Anu Singh-Cundy, Biologist and textbook author, Bellingham, Washington, USA

This is the closest you’ll get to a first-person account of North American homesteading and frontier life from a living person. Lloyd was born on his parents homestead in the northern reaches of Saskatchewan, where his immigrant ancestors settled in 1904. In this spell-binding personal history, Lloyd takes us from his early years, riding a sleigh to school in the frigid prairie winter–to his life as a farmer, miner, lumberman, rancher, and outdoorsman. This is a rare account of a life lived closed to the land, told simply and directly by a man of extraordinary integrity, ingenuity, and personal grit.

—Anu Singh-Cundy, Biologist and textbook author (Discover Biology)

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