Book Reviews for A Second Chance

Book Reviews for A Second Chance

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Review Rating: 5 stars!
5star-shiny-webReviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

In A Second Chance by Gloria Antypowich, a mother has to make a decision. Either run away with her son or believe him when he says that the man they both love loves them back. Sarah Brite lived her life in fear of her violent husband. When the time came to choose between him and her son’s safety, she chose her son. Together, they leave him and come to live at Belanger Creek Ranch. The peaceful community lives together like a family and finally Sarah finds time to actually breathe freely.

However, Grayson McNaughton has her on the edge. He is handsome, charming, and her son Taylor is getting closer to him every day. After many futile attempts at ignoring the attention, she finally gives in and lets herself be happy. Just when she gets comfortable, a revelation from Grayson’s past makes her shudder. She wants to leave with Taylor, but he does not want to go. He believes Grayson and does not want to leave him behind. What will Sarah do? Should she listen to her son, or should she listen to her heart?

A Second Chance by Gloria Antypowich is an outstanding novel. Gloria did an amazing job. She showed a clear picture of really happens in the lives of single parents and how cautious they are in starting a new relationship. I really liked Taylor; where Sarah was over cautious, he was cool headed and believes Grayson the person, not his past. He is a really cool kid, and he will turn out to be an awesome man. I really enjoyed this book.

Note from the Reviewer to the Author:
I really enjoyed it. Although, I have not read the rest of the books, I’m looking forward to more from you with Grayson, Taylor and Sarah.
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5star-shiny-webReview Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for Readers’ Favorite

A Second Chance is the fourth book in the Belanger Creek Ranch series authored by Gloria Antypowich, and this one has quite an interesting plot. A young woman, Sarah Brite, is on the run and hiding with her ten-year-old son, Taylor. The boy’s father is a violent man and has already found Sarah and Taylor numerous times. With threats upon their lives, Sarah keeps her past a secret while working and living at Belanger Creek Ranch. That is until Grayson McNaughton finally encourages her to share her secret with him. He would love to build a romantic relationship with Sarah and be a father to Taylor, but he has his own deep, dark secret. When Sarah learns what that secret is, she pushes Grayson away. However, a freak accident on the ranch ends up bringing the two of them together again. Antypowich doesn’t end the story there though. Instead, she continues on even after Grayson, Sarah and Taylor become a true family.

Gloria Antypowich writes with more in depth details than the average romance novel. You may find this style refreshing as it gives you more mundane details of the characters’ lives or you may find it uninteresting. Also, there a slew of characters to keep track of in the Belanger Creek Ranch series; therefore it makes it easier if you read all the books in the series to avoid confusion. No matter, A Second Chance is quite enticing and sweetly romantic with an edge of suspense. To top it all off, Antypowich’s main characters in A Second Chance are the epitome of second chances. Well done!
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5star-shiny-webReview Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

A Second Chance (The Belanger Creek Ranch Series Book 4) by Gloria Antypowich is the fourth book in the Belanger Creek Ranch romance series. This book takes place on Belanger Creek Ranch whose owners, Colt and Frank Thompson, were introduced to us in the first book in the series. However, one can read each of the books in this series independently of each other.

A Second Chance starts with an introduction to Sarah Brite and her young son, Taylor, both of whom are on the run and in hiding from Taylor’s father. On the ranch, they meet Grayson McNaughton, who himself has some dark secrets in his past. Soon, Taylor grows to look upon Grayson as a father figure and becomes quite close to him. Sarah and Grayson are quietly attracted to each other as well until secrets from their past start coming out, casting a shadow on all of their lives. Can they ever become a family? Or will their past lives destroy their present? This novel has plenty of twists and turns and plenty of surprises in store until the last page.

A Second Chance (The Belanger Creek Ranch Series Book 4) is another well-thought out book with a solid plot written by Gloria Antypowich. I like the fact that this is not your typical boy-meets-girl book and the events and characters are real with real life problems and issues. I also liked the way in which the bond between Taylor and Grayson is portrayed. Overall, this is a good novel for a rainy day.

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5.0 out of 5 stars It’s hard to fall in love when you can’t make your past part of your …, December 12, 2015

Verified Purchase

When I grabbed this book, I didn’t realize it was part of a series. Now that I know, I want to read every book in the series.

It’s hard to fall in love when you can’t make your past part of your future. Or is it? That’s what Sarah Brite is likely wondering when she allows herself to be happy with Grayson McNaughton. But his past leaves her shivering and ready to run. She had done it once, she could do it again. Except that this time, her son, Taylor, has grown attached to Grayson, and he does not want to leave him behind. So she has to decide to listen to her son, or to listen to her heart?

Gloria did an amazing job delving into the emotions of her characters, emotions that so many single parents struggle with.
Well done.

Verified Purchase

I read “A Second Chance” because Gloria read and reviewed my book and I decided, by my choice, to read and review hers as well. I was hesitant as it was a romance novel, but that could not be farther from the truth. It was romantic at times, but in my opinion it is not a romance novel. It is a heart-warming story of Sarah and her son Taylor who spent 14 years running from a bad relationship and her abusive father. She lived scared, mostly for her son, moving every time her ex-boyfriend, Taylor’s father, caught up with them.

It is a story of family, new friendships and of perseverance. Finally, Sarah met a man, Grayson who inevitably tamed her stubborn streak and lessened her fears. Grayson immediately loved little Taylor, and as Taylor was growing up and needing a father figure in his life, the feeling was mutual. Grayson drew Sarah into his life through his own stubborn streak, and wormed his way into her heart. Grayson has his own dark secret which led to problems with Sarah when he finally told her his story.

For a long time toward the end, the story was sweet and nice but interesting enough to keep my attention, but I kept wondering when the ex-boyfriend was going to throw a monkey wrench into the works. I would have been disappointed if the book had ended without him showing back up to wreak havoc. I was not disappointed.

Knowing what I do now, I would read a similar book in a heartbeat. You cannot not like the story, and that goes for you men out there. Excellent story! There were regular editing problems, but the story still warrants my rating.

Verified Purchase

A Second Chance by Gloria Antypowich was like spending the summer at a favorite Uncle’s ranch! Great characters, easy to identify with and admire. One of my favorite characters, “Grayson” was so kind and sweet-with an edge…just what a Cowboy should be! Well written story, never a dull moment- I am going to choose another of Gloria’s many novels for my next rainy day read…this was a feel good novel, with family issues that we can all identify with-Give it a read!

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I have read this book and done nothing else until I finished it. Phew what a marathon… I enjoyed the way the story unfolded telling how Sarah run away from a really bad man to protect her and her son, and how her new friends all help her to a life of safety on a ranch where she meets Grayson. As her story unfolds Grayson falls more in lover with her determined she is the woman for him he tells her of his dark life that has led him to the ranch… Is this all to much for Sarah will they be able to move on well I got so in grossed I just had to keep reading to find out…
Back to Belanger Creek Ranch for the fourth book in this series. On this occasion a single mother and her son are on the run from a violent partner; someone who won’t take ‘goodbye’ for an answer. Sarah Brite and son Taylor, are happy enough, but Sarah always has one eye over her shoulder, fearing the past will catch up with her again. Grayson McNaughton, a man with a skeleton in the closet, provides the possible love interest. Will they overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness? Can they become a family before the evil partner tracks Sarah down?


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