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By Gisela Hausmann on July 13, 2014

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I have never hunted, but I am a passionate environmentalist, who loves hiking and camping. As such I have to say `A Hunting We Did Go’ is an amazing book. The author Lloyd Antypowich is not only an expert hunter but he loves what he does passionately. His love radiates from every page. I could so visualize his paradise, e.g. when Lloyd shares:

“…Grizzly Valley has an abundance of juniper and in the fall of the year grizzly feed on juniper berries. As we rode along I was enjoying the beautiful scenery. The colors seemed to blend so well. There were so many different colored bushes and small trees and the valley was a splendid example of the handy work of Mother Nature. No pictures or words can really explain just how beautiful it can be in the high country…”

That brings me to another reason why I loved reading this book. Even though I am a savvy camper (and a former girl scout troop leader) somehow I am not sure that a “greenhorn” like me could do a hiking trip like that. What would I do if I encountered a grizzly? Lloyd encounters a big one… a sort of stare-down with reaching an understanding follows. I loved reading the passage about “second chances” but won’t give away spoilers here. What a neat thing that I got to read Lloyd’s book instead of having to figure out what I would do.

Lloyd’s hunting stories are stories of fairness. Though expert hunters seem to have so many technical advantages, hunting is not as easy as it sounds. The story “Never try to out run a caribou” eludes to that.

Lloyd Antypovich describes a special world of beautiful nature, animals, cool hunting cabins, and great friendships. I was very sad to read about the passing of his friend Leo, who also loved fishing like I do. I was ridiculous impressed (and slightly jealous) with the picture of the 12-lb Lake Trout the author caught at Quesnel Lake.

5 stars for `A Hunting We Did Go’. The stories and many fabulous pictures touched my heart. In fact, ever since I have my new Kindle this was the first book I downloaded to my computer just so I could see the many wonderful pictures on my 20×13″ screen. I truly hope that as many people as possible (especially politicians) read these beautiful stories so they can “feel” why we have to protect these amazing natural habitats. Thank you, Lloyd, for giving me the opportunity to feel along with what it is really like to be one-on-one with nature.


Dean McGeough, professional forester, Sooke, B.C.

September 21, 2014

“A Hunting We Did Go – True Mountain Adventure” by Lloyd Antypowich

If you need a moment to escape the hectic city pace, grab Lloyd’s book and get

yourself into a comfortable chair and relax as you join Lloyd on his adventures.

Lloyd captures the essence of being in the wilderness with his careful attention to

detail. If you let your mind relax, you quickly feel like you are on the hillside with

Lloyd, glassing for animals or sitting by the campfire reminiscing of the day’s

events. Lloyd shares it all and you get to muse, “glad I’m indoors reading while

Lloyd is out in the snow getting cold”.

This book is absolutely full of adventure, supported by many pictures that will tickle

the fancy of anyone who loves the great outdoors. Hunting provides so many

blessings, apart from the freezer full of the finest meat, and Lloyd captures the big

picture. It’s the planning and dreaming months and weeks before the ‘big hunt’that

catches us all. Then there is the journey and setting up camp – thanks for the many

tips on how to make camp even more functional and cozy. The scenery and

weather systems that move in and out, the unpredictable encounters with wildlife,

these are all shared and easily vault the reader into reflections of personal hunting


Thank you Lloyd, for sharing your adventures. There’s no better place to take a

holiday than in the wilderness!

Dean McGeough

Dean McGeough is a professional forester who lives in Sooke, BC with his wife

Roxane. Dean often travels around the province of BC working and/or exploring and

hunting. Camp hunting is our family’s favorite vacation get away.


Dakota Mortenson, Williams Lake, B.C.

“Hey Lloyd I am 13 and I absolutely loved your book the great detail and the humour. I am from Williams lake, and I love to hunt around here its great! and I too love to fish on Quesnel Lake my uncle has a cabin on that lake and I often go there with him to catch some char or some rainbows. to bad about the tailings pond hope the fish are okay. anyway thank you for being so awesome and sharing your hunting stories it was amazing to read.”

Dakota Mortenson (Facebook post)

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Lee Gunderson, Publisher Alberta Beef Magazine, Calgary, Alberta

“This is stunning, wonderful. The sights, sounds, life, landscapes . . .the memories, were all so vivid and well written.

Anyone who has lived in the far North, hunted, or who has ever wanted to . . . will love, love the startling events that unfold in these robust campfire tales. Lloyd Antypowich, hunter, woodsman, writer, cattleman and horseman. He’s done it all and the best part is there are so many tales left to tell. His honest style lets the reader ride along with him through some remarkable exploits.”

Lee Gunderson, Publisher Alberta Beef Magazine


Sid Bell, Vernon, B.C.

Much of my life has been spent in the high country. I was born in the

mountains of Western Alberta in a town called Cadomin. I truly appreciate your love for fishing, hunting, being one with nature and just spending time in the wild. Congratulations!! I really enjoyed the read!

Sid Bell, Vernon, B.C.


Harvey Tedford, Former President of The Canadian Limousin Association

Lloyd is all about real life and living. He brings you along on the hunt.

If you have ever hiked in the mountains and battled with the elevation and terrain you will appreciate how long it takes to stalk game. Lloyd has the unique ability to share his hunting relationships with his friends and his readers through these stories. It is a rare opportunity to be invited along and enjoy him as a person and take part in the fellowship that he is offering. Many people would only get the opportunity to take part in hunts like this once in a lifetime. Join him now and take part in his adventures. It is a great read. If you love the outdoors and realism then it’s one to share and remember.

Harvey Tedford

Mel Hynes, Harrogate, B.C.

I  have been an avid hunter for many years and I have read many hunting

stories that did not have the details that I like to be included, such as type of rifle, or ammunition used, along with such rich, colorful details of the area where the hunt takes place. The experiences were vivid and true to life. I could see, hear, smell and feel them, as I traveled with the author. I enjoyed this book immensely. I was totally immersed in the story and read it in two sittings—very unusual for me. Thank you Lloyd, you did a great job!

Mel Hynes, Harrogate, B.C.

Ross Roach, Logger and Rancher, Prince George, B.C.

“Lloyd, I would like to put some of my thoughts down about your book “A Hunting We Did Go” I was touched by your love and respect for Leo, your friend, hunting partner and employee. It was so nice you two hunt and work together, torment each other and just plain enjoy each other’s company. Friendships like that don’t happen to often in life. You guys didn’t just talk about it; you went out and did it! There is such a small fraction of people in the world that ever get to see the rugged mountain country you guys explored. The planning of the hunt, the cost of supplies and equipment etc , the risk of injury or death from wild animals, rugged wilderness and storms – you guys put it all on the line! Oh yes, I didn’t mention the knowledge to get it done and get back alive!

Leo must have suffered a great deal riding bareback and walking with a broken tailbone, but he knew if he gave up it would spoil your and Tom’s trip.There was no telephone, no 911, no hospital ER. You guys put it all on the line and you Lloyd, have done and excellent job of putting it all on paper, things that most people will never see or do. I am almost at the end of my second reading and some chapters I have read four times. You do such a great job of putting on paper what your eyes have seen, your brain thought, your heart felt and your horses seen and thought. I would say you are an excellent communicator. I am thinking you wrote this book at age 74 years. Your memory, mind and brain are all humming on all cylinders.

Thanks for the stories. I can sit down with your book and take a trip to the mountains and almost feel like I was there. “ ~ Ross Roach

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