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Who is Gloria Antypowich?

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Today  she is  a retired wife, mother and grandmother, and a great grandmother to twins–a boy and a girl. In 2012 she added author to her resume, but it sputtered to a stall. She resumed her writing career in 2014 and in 2015  published The Belanger Creek Ranch series.

She loves the country life, a good laugh and a glass of wine with friends, a game of cards, reading a good book and watching a program on TV now and then.

She says  “I pretty much live in the moment. The past is over and done, the future unknown.  Today is what counts. I don’t spend much time reflecting on the gloom and doom in the news.  I never know what has a shred of honesty and truth in it and what is biased fear mongering. I know that whatever happens will, without me worrying about it and I refuse to spoil my moments fretting about what I can’t change.

“I was the first child of Charlie and Hazel Little, as well as the first grandchild in the family. I grew upon a farm at Daysland Alberta. The first school I attended was Leith, a country school about a mile from my home. And imagine this—I walked to school every day–by myself!  I can remember walking past a heavily treed brush patch, that stood near a big hay stack in a field that had been threshed.  Suddenly a coyote`s howl shattered the still, crackly, crispness of the winter morning. I was never athletic, but that morning I was running scared, certain that the coyote was bearing down on me for the kill!  I ran so fast and so hard that the scarf my mother had tied over my head came loose and fluttered to the ground behind me, but I wasn’t stopping to pick it up.  My ears could freeze, but I wasn’t going to chance having that coyote’s wet tongue slather over the back of my neck as his sharp teeth sunk in and he pulled me down like a rabbit on the frosty,frozen, gravel road! Did I ever get teased when the neighbor boys came riding along later and found my scarf on the road. I never was a good fibber, and it didn’t take much for them to wrangle a confession out of me—they had heard the coyote too!

“The country school closed when I was in grade 3 and then my brother and I went by bus to school in Strome, until I started High School.  Then we went by bus to Daysland. After I finished high school I enrolled to train as a Psychiatric Nurse in Edmonton, Alberta. It was a three year course, but I had already met the love of my life, so about six months into the course I quit and got married.

“Marriage: Our wedding day was April 1st.  I turned 18 years old two months later. My husband, Lloyd, and I lived on our farm at Stettler Alberta. We were young and enthusiastic and we did everything together, working side by side.  We both loved children and in thirteen months we had our first little bundle of joy. By the time I was 22 years old, we had four children, five years old and under—and one of them was adopted.  I was a busy girl!

“After the birth of my last child I developed asthma, a condition that had deep roots in my family background. Ultimately it necessitated a move from the farm, and a shift in our life plan.

“We moved to Elkford B.C., where the mountain air was clean and free of the allergens that created so many problems for me on the prairie.  Within a few months my health had totally recovered. We stayed there for 2 ½ years, then the call of the land took hold of my husband. He missed his cows and horses. We bought a small ranch on the Horsefly River at Horsefly. B.C.  In 2006 we sold the ranch and moved a quarter of a mile further north where we live on a 99 acres piece of property that we kept. We have been at Horsefly for 42 years now and unless illness makes it impossible to stay, we plan to live our lives out here.

“My husband and I have been married for 54 yearsLloyd and Gloria Jan 1st
–is that possible?? We re-read our old love letters in January,2011–what fun that was!! I wonder how many people have love letters to read in this era of modern technology. I suggest you print your emails and keep them!!

Our life has evolved in to one of happiness and contentment, though in the past we have had our share of “ebb and flow”—even a few hurricanes relationship wise!!  Fortunately we always were able to right the vessel and avoid shipwreck!”

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