5 stars for “Nomad’s Premonition” by Georges Benay–a fast paced mystery, thriller.

The Nomads Premonition by Georges Benay, is a fast-paced mystery thriller, centered around the world of international banking and trading. When I checked the authors bio, I discovered he is an author from Toronto, Canada, who has spent much of his working life in the field of International Banking.

I enjoyed the book immensely. The plot is exciting and fast paced, but I also learned interesting things about Turkey and Istanbul and the Cappadocia region. (I was so intrigued that I looked some of the places up online to check for veracity.) I appreciated his insight into the way the old world and the new generations live and thrive in unison.

The main protagonist, Eric Martin, is wonderfully flawed, and yet admirably tenacious. Some of the scenes in this book are frightening and brutal. Martin is not portrayed as a super hero who can deflect bullets and escape at every turn. He is very human. He gets hurt, he gets beaten senseless, he has scraped knuckles, cuts and bruises. He fights to get back up and heal, and then he is on the trail of his enemies again.

Other scenes are hilarious—I laughed out loud when he stole a truck and chased the bad guys down the road and through a street market. The scene was so descriptive, I could virtually see things flying and people fleeing.

Every time I though he couldn’t survive, something unexpected would intervene. The ending wasn’t typical, but it was satisfactory.

I have discovered that Benay has written a book prior to Nomads Premonition—I have already decided to read it.

I highly recommend this exciting read.

The Nomad’s Premonition can be purchased at Amazon.com by clicking here