5 stars for “Living A Lie” by Sheryl Lee, a brilliantly written book of fiction that centers around a difficult social issue.

Living A Lie, was a heart-wrenching book to read. Immediately, I thought of how frightening it would be to wake up and realize that you don’t know who you are or anything about your life or the people who claim to be your family and friends.  Andrew Russell was a wonderful, supportive husband, who did everything he could to help Alicia when it happened to her.

When Alicia’s memories eventually returned—except those for one day—I immediately began to wonder what was so crucial about that missing day.

There were hints, but a reader had to understand what they could mean in real life to sort them out. I am thankful that I have no personal experience with the trauma that led to Alicia Russell’s amnesia, but I know enough about it to understand how devastating it is, and how it impacts the victim’s entire life unless they can confront what happened and deal with it. Even with counseling, the path to a healthy, normal life is much longer and more difficult than the author would have had time to explore in this book.  And very often, the victim does not have a strong support system to back them up.

Sheryl Lee did a brilliant job of portraying all of the characters in this work of fiction, and I was pleased to see that she gave Alicia the fortitude to pursue the issue to justice. Under the circumstances, it wouldn’t have been an easy thing to do in real life.

Sadly, this social issue is not uncommon. And often, the perpetrators are the last people that families or communities would expect to be involved in this sort of crime.

There are many true-to-life reactions and responses threaded into “Living A Lie.” I believe it would be a helpful book for anyone to read; doing so could open their eyes and minds to the telltale signs of abuse-whether they have experienced it or know someone who is reaching out for help. I highly recommend this book.

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