5 stars to “Adam’s Witness” by J.A. Paulson–a terrific first novel from a Canadian Author!


Adam’s Witness is a terrific first novel! I read it in one long sitting—wanted to see how it ended. The plot has many twists and turns—the romance fraught with tension because Grace and Adam had to fight their attraction. Devastatingly handsome, and honorable, Detective Sargent Adams knew that his unbidden attraction to the main witness and possible murder suspect in an unusual and shocking murder in the Saskatchewan city where they both lived, was against the rules and could jeopardize the case. When she became a victim, they both realized that their attraction was powerful. As the weeks slipped by, neither knew exactly how the other felt. After the dust settled, the investigation and trial concluded, months had passed, and Adam and Grace were hesitant to show their true feelings, in case they were not reciprocated.

I always try to figure out who the guilty party is when I read a murder mystery, but as this story unfolded, I continually realized that I had no clue.

I love it when both male and female characters openly express deep emotions toward their family, their friends and the ones they love intimately. There is plenty of real emotion among these characters. This book is woven around socially sensitive subjects: one that sadly still exists today, even though most of us want to believe it is not an issue. Another that is rejected by all normal people, but is more prevalent than we want to admit.

Great Job J.A. Paulson. I look forward to reading more of her books.

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