5 stars for “Do Not Assume” by Kasey Riley. Another great book by this talented author!

I have read all of Kasey Riley’s books, and she has become one of my favorite authors. August Fire was a change of pace from her first two books, and Do Not Assume was even more intriguing to me.

I absolutely loved this book—in fact I read into the wee hours of the morning twice in a row! This only happens when I am truly hooked, because I always know that I feel much better the next day if I keep to my routine.

Nicoleta Sofia Parcells—(such a romantic name)-was orphaned at birth and after having suffered through many foster homes, I’m certain she would have been a handful by the time she was eleven when her parents adopted her. Only special people could have guided her to become the outstanding person that she grew up to be. I appreciated her unique parents—how they cherished her, but encouraged her to grow personally and reach her highest potential. I loved that as a child they hadn’t taken any guff from her—I also loved that they appreciated her “gift” and wisely advised her that she should accept it and guard it from others. I thought it was really special that they gave her a DNA kit and the police reports from her mother’s murder, because they understood that she needed to know more about her back ground.

I loved Nicoleta’s independent spirit and her determination to survive when she was faced with the unthinkable.

James Woodruff tugged at my heart from the beginning, and it was clear early on that Nicola had captured his, even though he tried not to let it show. Nicola didn’t give him much encouragement, because she was set on succeeding.

Do Not Assume is an exciting thriller that takes Nicoleta from the USA to Romania—where she does not know the language, or the country and its customs. She falls into the hands of people who have sinister intent, and she is forced to rely on her “gift” and her sharp mind to protect herself.

If you enjoy a page turning thriller filled with mystery and a bit of romance, along with a plot that is unique and exciting, I highly recommend “Do Not Assume.

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