5 stars for “MAKE IT HAPPEN” by Canadian Author, Claude Bouchard

Claude Bouchard, has done it again!  “Make It Happen” is book 13 in the Vigilante series and it met all the criteria I have come to expect from this Canadian author.  I have enjoyed all the adventures of Chris Barry (who was the original lone “Vigilante”) and those who have become partners in the Discreet Activities team as the series has progressed.

This novel is centered around Pakistani led terrorist activity spawned in Canada and spreading out, across the border to New York. When the Canadian attack happened at the Quite Air Show, it caught everyone by surprise. Who could have done such a thing in CANADA? Of course this is fiction, but as I read, it reminded me that people we think we know—people we would least expect, can be seduced by evil. There was no huge terrorist cell—just a few who were willing to participate and beyond the central figures, none of them knew the identities of those involved.

The central players were willing to take the lives of others, but they wanted to protect their own. Who could they trust among the people that knew enough to betray them? A pre-emptive act of black mail sets the stage for distrust between them. Enter the Discreet Activities team and watch how they set up the players who never expect to be exposed. Then, they Make It Happen!

In real life, I am an abject pacifist—a person who could never bring myself to act in the role of a vigilante. But I do confess, as I see some of the despicable things that happen in this world, there are times that I secretly wish, that somewhere, there was a Discreet Activities team to covertly dispose of the trash that preys on innocents.

This stunning cover would have caught my even if I wasn’t familiar with the author. Good Job Claude Bouchard!!  I am waiting for the next book.

Make It Happen can be purchased on Amazon.com by clicking here