The Lost History of Ancient America–Read this book with an open mind–also remember that once man believed the world was flat and they were proven wrong.

I enjoyed this book. I am always fascinated by ideas that do not fit the status quo, and I read with an open mind. I have read other books that “documented” the discovery of bones of giants found in mounds in the USA. (Giants are mentioned in the Bible, so why not here?) Underwater ruins are found all around the world, so it is not shocking to me to read that they have been found off the coast of Oregon. I was quite fascinated by the possibility of Bronze Age oil wells in Pennsylvania…and why not? Oil comes to the surface in many oil rich locations. I was also interested in the description of plants that are found in different areas where they are not indigenous and the idea that those species were taken to other places through commerce.

I was warned by a Face Book reader about the veracity of this author, saying none of his theories are proven. Sill, I am reminded that at one time people believed that the earth was flat and that was proven untrue. I have no problem believing that there were civilizations in America before Columbus “discovered” it. Educated elites definitely have added to current knowledge of our world, and I understand how they would push against anything that would suggest they might not have all the answers. Still if no one ever questioned and delved deeper, we would still think the world is flat.

If you have a curious mind, if you believe that anything is possible, I suggest you read this book and decide for yourself how much you are able to believe.


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