4 stars to Wyoming Brave. Another great read for Diana Palmer fans!

I have been a long-time fan of Diana Palmer. Recently I read Defender from the Long Tall Texan Series. It was the story of Isabelle Grayling and Paul Fiore and a teenaged Merrie Grayling and  the girls despicable, evil, controlling father, Darwin Grayling. I enjoyed it, and when I came across Wyoming Brave and realised that it was Merrie’s story, I quickly downloaded it.

This is another “second chance” book—Ren Coltor is a bitter, jaded man, fresh out of a painful breakup. His brother brings Merrie Grayling to his ranch, where he knows that she will be safe until the killer that has been hired to fulfill his contract on her is caught.

Merrie is shy and afraid—put off by Ren’s cold attitude toward her. Ren is drawn to protect her, even though he believes she is someone else’s woman.

Theres lots of misunderstanding, fear, suspense and hot lovin to go around here. Another great book for Diana Palmer fans.

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