The fact is, I read many genres, and particularly enjoy murder/ mysteries.  I devour books by Tami Hoag, Nora Roberts aka. J.D. Rob, John Grisham, James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Ken Follett; but my mind doesn’t quite work like theirs—at least not yet.

I am a romantic at heart and I love happy endings, so I’ve started my writing career by writing romance; a thread that resonates within me. I am totally fascinated by human relationships and I instinctively notice how people interact.  I’m curious about what makes some relationships work and what makes some relationships fail.

As a person, I have deliberately cultivated open-mindedness.  I truly believe we all have our own individual life path to follow and I cannot walk in anyone else’s steps, so who am I to judge them or criticize their choices and actions.

Life experience and common sense have taught me that the idea of a fairy tale romantic relationship is just an unrealistic fantasy.  After the initial burst of heart pounding lust and romantic dreaming, real life has to set in. Long term relationships don’t just happen; they take a lot of care and attention along the way. I believe all relationships have an ebb and flow—maybe even a few bouts of stormy weather that can seriously threaten the relation”ship”.

Speaking from my own experience, it is very comforting and satisfying to look back and know that my husband and I have ridden out the storms (to be honest some of them were hurricanes) and now we are sailing smoothly into a vibrant, beautiful sunset.  (Hey—don’t get me wrong—we still have small tempests; after all we are human and we are both still very much alive. But the big storms should be behind us. Cross our fingers!)

There is so much stress, pain and hopelessness in our world today, if my writing can bring even a few people pleasure and a time of happy escape, it will make my work worthwhile.

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