Why Do I Write?

I write because I love too.  Fame has never been my aim.  I just love to have people read what I write and enjoy it.  That said, since I self-published, I hope to realize enough monetary gain to let me live and carry on doing what I love to do–and I would enjoy a comfortable lifestyle!!
I have always loved words.  They are so powerful and versatile. The same words take on a different meaning, depending on the context they are set in and the tone in which they are spoken.

Wonderful “pictures” can be painted with them, but the pictures are individual to each reader because it is their response to them that creates their version of the painting.

Writing essays was my favorite exercise at school, and I published my first article about fashion in the Western Producer when I was 14 years old.  I received something like $2.15 for it, and I was thrilled.

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