5 stars to A Love Built to Last by Lisa Ricard Claro- I LOVED this book.

OMG—I totally LOVED this book. It is a romance, but so much more. It is a realistic portrayal of human emotions and psychology.  There is TJ, an adorable, precocious 5 -year-old boy who stole my heart. A full cast of supportive and loving families and friends, and two people who have lost the first loves of their lives and are having a hard time moving on.

Maddie Kinkaid’s husband, Frank, died in a car accident—they’d had a fight that morning before he left for work and she had got her “stubborn on” and hadn’t been willing to make up. He was killed so she never got to make up and she never got to say goodbye.  She is riddled with guilt and has never been able to let him go. Maddie has no relationship with her parents, but Frank’s family have become her family and they love her unconditionally.

Caleb Walker had watched his wife die with cancer, and now he was raising his 5-year-old son TJ by himself. He is a dedicated father, who is determined to put the best interests of his son first. Caleb has a strong connection with his family.

When these two meet, the unexpected attraction is undeniable, but how do they get over their past?

Lisa Ricard Claro writes with emotion, sensitivity and humor. Maddie and Caleb and TJ slammed into my heart from the get go, but the secondary characters were just as delightful. I smiled—even laughed out loud; I felt sad, anxious and delighted. The description and dialogue was so authentic, I felt like I was there, sharing their lives.

There were only two things that I didn’t like about the book—#1- I couldn’t read it fast enough, because I became so involved and wanted to know what would happen next. I even broke my cardinal rule and read it during the day, which indicates that it is a great book because I usually only read when I go to bed at night. #2—I didn’t want it to end; but of course, it had to.

I read many books that I really enjoy, but few that grab my heart like this one did.  I love this author’s style and will definitely be reading more of her books.

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